My first Cockpit
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After a while I was fedup with the rolling office chair during races. As the RC flyer and modellbuilder I am I started to wounder how I could build my self a cockpit. The first problem was to find a suitable area in the house. The best I could find, that was near the computer, was the area under the stairs. So now it was just to start building. 

This is what the stairs look like after I have transformed it into a simulator.

 To be able to get into the cockpit both monitor and wheel has to be pushed forward


This is what it looks like when the monitor and wheel is pulled back in race mode.


 On the door the Gamevoice controller and a numeric pad is mounted. The numeric pad is used as a "chatboard".


The wheel is a G25 from Logitech


The pedals are modified for easier toe heal technique.


The keyboard is mounted above the head.


On the left you can see the fuel strategy, the gamevoice controller and the "chatboard".