Dashboard (English)
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The latest project is added to the cockpit. A "must have" on the dashboard was a RPM gauge and Tronics "Shiftlight kit". Tronics shiftlight in action here. (rightclick and "save target as")



 The shiftlight from Tronics  that I´m using is a Beta version that includes support for Shiftlight, RPM Gauge and Gear indicator. At the moment you ca run the system together with rFactor, GTR2 and GTL. What I have hered this guy is also working on support for a LCD display. The system is easy to setup and very affordable.The shiftlight is connected to the comport or Usbport with an adapter. The shiftlight LED is ~9mm in diameter and the gearindicator is 24x34mm.


The dashboard has been updated with a speedometer and a center console.


Speedometer made of a rpm gauge. The backplate is edited in Photoshop and then printed on OH-film

Leo Bodnar´s "Precision Joystick Controller" is used for the "buttonbox".