Motion Cockpit (English)
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It has always been a dream to own a simulator where you actually could feel the G-forces. Frex is a company in Japan that offers a solution with a motion seat. The driving experience is really awesome and you can feel every move from the car. 


The cockpit arrives to you as a kit and you have to assembly it by your self.



The Allen wrench is more or less everything you need to assembly the cockpit..



This is what the finished cockpit looks like.


This is what it looks like after my latest rebuild



Here you can see the two servos that make the seat move.



Under the hatch the electronics are hidden..



The center console with H-shifter and some buttons.



The pedals with hydraulic brake


The motor attached to the brake pedal make the pedal vibrate at maximum preassure.



To unload the servos from your weight the seat pivot on a rubbermount where the center of gravity is while your in the seat. The rods keep the seat from yaw movement.



The damperkit smothens out the movement a little and also reduce the sound.



The view from the driver seat 


Watch a movie with the old setup here. (Right Click, "Save target as")

Mattias take a F1 for a spin here

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