Wheelmod (English)
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  Unfortunally theG25 steering wheel only has 2 buttons and I have been thinking about how to fix this for a while. I was reading the magazine "Sportbilen" (Sport car) when I saw a picture of a steering wheel from a BMW M3 GTR. This picture was inspiration for the addition of four new buttons to the G25 wheel. If the WTCC drivers can have a spiralcord hanging from the wheel, why couldn't I? 



This is what the wheel look like with four new buttons.


A modular cord (42-690-49) with 8/8 conductors was bought from ELFA. A Trust Gamepad GM-1150
and 4 buttons (36011) was bought from Kjell & Company.



A couple of 2mm plywood pieces is jig sawed into the right shape. The visible plates are laminated with carbon fibre. I you want a template just print this this image.



The new buttons in place.



The plywood plates are glued to the back of the wheel with epoxy. You have to roughen the backside of the wheel so that the epoxy adheres to the metal. Cords are in place and the buttons are connected with servo plugs. 



Holes have to be drilled in the right place of the circuit card and the cords soldered in place.



The modular cord is guided trough one of the holes in the front of the gamepad.



A rectangular hole is made in the bottom of the wheel hub. The modular cord is fixed with a cable tie. The hub is milled at 3 and 6 a clock to make room for the new cables. Each pair of buttons is connected with a servo plug.